Welcome to the BYOOS solutions website Consultancy and Expertise in Integration E.R.P - C.M.S. Europe - Africa Center of experts of the Debian CLOUD server

For sixteen years in Africa to serve you...

Consultancy & studies in free software integration - Software Engineering Workshop - AGL

  •     Operating system LINUX - DEBIAN 10.x - deployment of your applications on our CLOUD servers
  •     E.R.P applications ( Medical, Commerce & Industry, Hotels, Schools, Real Estate...)
  •     Custom website with the NodCMS engine
  •     Web developer training, LINUX & WINDOWS network administrator
  •     Electrical cabling, TCP/IP networks with RJ45 connectors, generator set

The digital economy is on the move, benefit from the quality of free software or also called Open Source.

FireFox the most used WEB browser in the world
LibreOffice, the free office automation
DEBIAN the stable and secure system

and many others, integration study on request EXPRESS to BYOOS solutions sarl

Activity sectors

Byoos Digital's clients are mainly small and medium sized businesses wishing to be visible on the Internet and/or to have complete management whatever the location of the Manager.

  • Health Centre, Radiology, management of health establishments
  • Physiotherapist / Osteopath / Podiatrist / Dentist / Psychologist,...
  • Restaurant, Bar, Catering
  • Hotel, hotel management
  • Teaching, Training centre, Driving school, ...
  • Artisan, Plumber, Locksmith, Painter, Maçon, ...
  • Trade / Shop
  • Financial Services, Chartered Accountant

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