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Activity sectors

  •     Health Center, Radiology, management of health facilities
  •     Physiotherapist / Osteopath / Podiatrist / Dentist / Psychologist,...
  •     Restaurant, Bar, Caterer
  •     Hotel, hotel management
  •     Town Halls
  •     Teaching, training center, driving school, ...
  •     Craftsman, Plumber, Locksmith, Painter, Mason, ...

Other demo sites advertised by Byoos digital

Medical Informatics bhospital    login     pass demo237a

Hostel managment system admin  Hôtel     login    byoosdigital     pass demo237a
Hostel managment system  User Hôtel     login    pass demo237a

school managment, e-learning  utilisateur School     login    pass demo237a

ERPonline managment system  user ERPonline     login    pass demo237a

Below is the link to our GITHUB repository where you can download the byoosPOS point of sale code, all APP's are coded on the same template to simplify maintenance - FrameWork codeIgniter v3.x et 4.x, MariaDB 10.x base Debian 11.x  server

you can also find us on website coded with NodCMS version 3.1.5  and codeIgniter 4